COUN7561: Practicum in Counseling

Credits 3

Practicum combines supervision, class work, and the practical utilization and critique of individual and group counseling techniques learned in COUN6541. These will be demonstrated through field work, case conferences, and student videos. Course is taught on a group supervision model. Earning a grade of B or better in this course is necessary in order for the student to enter Internship. Students are expected to take COUN6541 just prior to COUN7561. If more than one year has elapsed between taking Pre-Practicum and Practicum, a demonstration of counseling skills may be required of the student or the student may need to repeat Pre-Practicum at the discretion of faculty. May be repeated for credit.  It is also highly recommended that students take COUN6533 prior to or concurrent with Practicum. Fee:  Additional fee required.



Participation in a counseling group approved by the program.