COUN7513: Advanced Play Therapy Techniques and Practice II

Class Program
Credits 1

Students will learn the basic skills necessary to use the play interventions of expressive art therapy, puppetry, dramatic role play, and group play/filial therapy. This course will teach students how to best utilize expressive art techniques to reduce anxiety, develop rapport, capture attention, create and intensify moods, and communicate feelings. Puppet play allows young clients to displace their feelings about significant others onto the puppets. This course will teach students how to use dramatic play to gain information from the way in which the clients play their dramatic roles and how to use this to encourage safe expressions of strong feelings, both positive and negative, allowing clients to learn from externalizing an experience. This course will also present the basic skills of doing group play work, while exploring its different uses and its therapeutic value in the clinical applications with a wide variety of specialized populations. Fee: Additional fee required.