Determining Catalog

The catalog outlines the courses required to complete each major, minor and degree offered by Northwest Nazarene University. The Catalog in place for the first year of a student's enrollment will be the catalog that a particular student will adhere to throughout the completion of the degree. The student has the right to either use their beginning enrollment year catalog or move to the requirements of any other subsequent catalog throughout their enrollment time at Northwest Nazarene University.  The student may NOT move to a catalog that was in use prior to their beginning enrollment at NNU.  If a student wishes to move to another catalog, other than their starting year catalog, they must request permission with the Office of the Registrar. 

Undergraduate students must complete their degree within seven years of their beginning enrollment year in order to remain on their beginning enrollment year catalog.  Otherwise, they will be moved to the most recent catalog after the lapse of those seven years. 

Graduate Students must complete their degree within the time frame noted below for their particular academic program.

Maximum Time Frame to Complete Graduate Degree
Doctor of Psychology 7 years
Doctor of Theology 8 years
Master of Business Admin or Master of Accountancy 7 years
Master of Education, EDS or Doctoral degree 7 years
Master of Science in Counseling 6 years
Master of Science in Nursing 6 years
Master of Science in Nursing 5 years
Master of Social Work 5 years