ECON1010: Personal Finance

Credits 3
An introduction to decision-making in personal economics. Emphasis will be placed on the financial choices faced by individuals in the build-up and management of net worth. Topics covered include education and experience, earning and spending, savings and debt, taxes and inflation, insurance, investments, and contracts.

ECON2275: American Economic History

Credits 3
American economic history is an examination of the common influences that American cultural values and American business activities have wielded upon one another. The course will explore the interrelationship between American history and American business, and will emphasize the relationship between business and American society in the areas of politics, economics, technology and culture.

ECON2415: Principles of Microeconomics

Credits 3
A study of economics as it relates to the firm and other individual decision-making units in the economy. Students will explore pricing policy, supply and demand issues, and economic drivers of consumer decision processes. Students will discuss the topics in the context of practical business settings.

ECON2425: Principles of Macroeconomics

Credits 3
A study of economic issues as they relate to the economy as a whole. Topics include gross national product, national income, consumption, investment, inflation, and economic growth. Students will examine the issues in the context of current domestic and global economic policies.

ECON3015: Personal Finance and Stewardship

Credits 3
A study and application of planning and organizing personal finances. The class will also discuss how students manage and address the challenges of becoming good stewards of their gifts, talents, time and resources. Topics covered include education and experience, earning and spending, savings and debt, giving and tithing, taxes and insurance, and social responsiveness. (See BSNS3015)