Master of Education

Master of Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation

Program Description

33 semester credits required.

The Master of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation (CI2) is offered utilizing a cohort model. Students have the convenience of a fully online program with a learning community of 15-20 students.

This major is designed for professionals desiring to improve instructional practices and leadership skills. The program will focus on high-quality instruction, instructor leadership, innovation, personal reflection, research practices, and application of research.

The coursework equips graduates with the appropriate skill sets needed to access and effectively use technology and resources in today’s dynamic learning environments. The primary objective is to develop attitudes and practices that prepare educators to remain current and effective in an ever-changing world.

Learning will adapt with time, as technology and educational teaching methods change. This program will integrate both research on global and local educational practices, as well as current experience with competent teaching and leadership practices.  Course content is designed to inspire and equip educators with the skill set to personalize instruction using innovative practices as well as leverage technology through student inquiry that opens up learning avenues for students. 

A significant expectation of this program is the student's identification and research of an instruction-related topic. Students will investigate a research question by independently preparing a research proposal. Additionally, this program will provide students a practical framework for creating, analyzing, and interpreting informal, formal, and summative assessment data. Students will use data to inform the instructional decision making in their own classroom setting. 

Students completing the Master of Education degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation must compile and submit an academic portfolio prior to graduation as evidence of their knowledge, skills, and fluencies in the field.  The portfolio is a project that gathers and displays a series of assignments and projects completed from courses in the program. In addition, all students will provide a personal reflective paper that synthesizes their work as well as growth throughout this program. The portfolio project allows the student to mesh the theories and practices of teaching and learning throughout the graduate work. Students may choose to develop their academic portfolio to promote their professional and technical skills in a manner that would be attractive to potential employers. However, the primary goal of this academic portfolio is to assess whether students have met the minimal criteria expected of a successful M.Ed. graduate.

The program is offered fully online with opportunities to meet with faculty throughout the semester either face-to-face or online.  Courses may have synchronous video class sessions.  Students are encouraged to attend these sessions as they are available. Archived sessions are available for review.

Application Requirements - M.Ed. Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation

The following requirements must be received by Admissions a minimum of one week before classes start, and are online, mailed or emailed as indicated. For mail: Northwest Nazarene University, Attention Graduate Admissions, 623 S. University Boulevard, Nampa, ID, 83686. For email: Transcripts can be received through email if sent from an accepted digital credentialing service, such as Parchment or the National Student Clearinghouse.

  1. Online: application and $50 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Mail, or email from a digital service: official transcripts from the regionally accredited institution(s) where candidate received a bachelor’s degree. (We do not accept faxed transcripts.)
  3. Email or mail: a copy of candidate’s teaching certificate if applicable.
  4. Online: two recommendation forms completed by professional colleagues. 
  5. Online: one supervisor recommendation form. All recommendation forms must be completed by different individuals.
  6. Online: evidence of writing competency through an essay based on the essay guidelines.

Admission Requirements - M.Ed. Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation

  1. A baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited college or university.
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the baccalaureate program.
  3. Approval by the Graduate Education Admissions Committee.

The Graduate Education Admissions Committee may approve exceptions to regular admission requirements.

Graduation Requirements - M.Ed. Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation

  1. Credits must be earned in courses numbered 7000 or above. Continuing education courses and pass/fail (except those specified for degree completion) do not apply toward the degree.
  2. The candidate must complete requirements as specified in the degree major. The degree must be completed within six years of beginning course work. If the degree is not completed within six years, the candidate must reapply to the program. Credits older than six years may need to be retaken.
  3. The candidate must apply for graduation one full semester prior to anticipated degree completion. Deadlines: June 1 for Fall; October 15 for Spring; and January 15 for Summer.
Total Credits