ENGL1040: Introduction to Academic Writing

Credits 3
Recommendation: Students should take this course in their first year. 

A course that introduces students to the rigors of academic writing. Key elements include practicing the critical reading and summary of texts; finding and using evidence correctly; developing lines of inquiry; analyzing complex claims; and applying the rhetorical strategies that lead to successful academic writing. Students will also develop a metacognitive understanding of their reading, writing, and thinking processes.

ENGL2120: English Grammar and Usage

Credits 2
A systematic review of the principles and practice of traditional English grammar and usage conventions. An introduction to morphology and phonology is provided.

ENGL3010: Teaching English Secondary Schools

Credits 3
Strategies for teaching literature, grammar, writing and other communication skills necessary to effectively teach secondary English language arts. Emphasis will be placed on teaching strategies to correspond with ELA standards and unit planning at a secondary level. (See EDUC7659) Field Experience: 20 or 40 hours depending on endorsement areas

ENGL3020W: Principles of Writing

Credits 3

An advanced expository writing course emphasizing the thinking and writing skills necessary to develop an effective prose style. A general course appropriate for advanced students in any area, it is especially recommended for potential graduate students. This course fulfills the general-education "W" requirement.

ENGL3070W: Professional and Technical Writing

Credits 2.7

Students will analyze audience, persuasion strategies, and communication ethics in this course. Emphasis is on document design, effective use of graphics, working collaboratively, and oral presentation. Students will produce formal business documents such as memos, reports, and proposals.

ENGL3090: Pedagogy of Writing in 6-12 Schools

Credits 3
An examination and application of research-based methodologies for teaching the writing process. Candidates learn how to incorporate the writing process across all content areas. Focus is on creating authentic writing opportunities that encompass a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences. This course meets a portion of the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Coursework requirements of the Idaho Department of Education. (See EDUC3090)

ENGL3210: Major Authors in American Literature

Credits 3
A study of selected works of a major American author or authors. course topics may vary by semester. Some examples of topics are: variations on the American Dream, doctors in literature, literature of the sea, small-town America, and American travel literature.

ENGL3750: Children's and Young Adult Literature

Credits 3

A study of literature written for children and young adults, from preschool age onward. The course samples a variety of types of literature and will prove valuable for general students, prospective teachers, or parents who wish to enrich their own background in children's and young adult literature and to develop qualitative judgment skills.