Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate: Business Analytics

Graduate certificates are designed to allow students and working professionals to gain expertise in specific areas of business beyond their undergraduate degree without having to complete a full graduate degree program. Graduate certificates allow students to: 

Acquire new knowledge and skills thereby specializing in a new area of business different from their previous academic or professional experience.

Build upon their previous academic and professional experience by updating and refreshing their knowledge and skills using the latest trends and approaches in a specific area of business.

Graduate Certificate Program Outcomes

  1. Students will identify, analyze, and evaluate the ethical aspects of the business environment and be able to articulate an ethical framework from which they will make sound decisions.
  2. Students will demonstrate competency in the foundational concepts and practices of a specific area of business (based on the certificate program selected).
  3. Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge of theoretical and practical applications of a specific area of business (based on the certificate program selected). 
  4. Students will develop critical thinking abilities and be able to demonstrate effective analytical and problem-solving skills using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches.


12 semester credits required. * 

 *A maximum of six credits will be accepted toward the certificate from an NNU graduate business degree program. 

Elective Courses – Choose one (3 credits)

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

ACCT6301 - Accounting students only

Total Credits