MUSC1010: A Survey of Art and Music

Credits 3
An introduction to the stylistic characteristics and cultural climate of the important artistic epochs in history, including both the western and the non-western traditions.

MUSC3460: Teaching Music in Elementary Schools II

Credits 2
This class focuses on the application of the learning theories presented in MUSC3450, procedures, and objectives in school music in the primary and intermediate grades. This course includes a classroom field experience and technology intensive lesson component.

MUSC3470: Teaching Music in Secondary Schools I

Credits 2

This class focuses on strategies for instrumental/choral rehearsals and classrooms, materials, tools, and curricular structure common to the subject in the secondary schools. (See EDUC7654) Field Experience: 20 to 40 hours depending on endorsement areas

MUSC3480: Teaching Music in Secondary Schools II

Credits 2
This class focuses on assessment and lesson planning in the secondary music rehearsal and classroom, as well as music advocacy, fund-raising, and program development issues. It will include a significant classroom field experience and a technology intensive lesson component.