Non-Credit Classes

NNU Students may enroll in approved courses on a non-credit basis if space is available in the course and with the consent of the instructor concerned.

Individuals other than NNU students may enroll in an approved undergraduate course on campus on a non-credit basis if space is available in the course and with the consent of the course instructor and applicable department chair or college dean, and upon payment of a non-credit fee for the course. Individuals that are not NNU students typically are not allowed to enroll in online, graduate, or doctoral courses on a non-credit basis; requests for an exception may be submitted to the University Registrar, with consent needed from the instructor concerned and the applicable department chair, program director, or college dean.  

Non-Credit Courses for individuals 60 years of age or older: Individuals 60 years old or older may enroll in non-credit courses without paying a non-credit fee, pending consent from the University Registrar and the instructor concerned.

Non-Credit Courses for Ordination: Anyone who audits courses to fulfill their educational requirements for ordination will be required to pay the Course of Study tuition fee in addition to the non-credit fee.

Individuals who enroll in a course on a non-credit basis may not receive credit for the course without re-enrolling in the course and completing all regular course requirements.