PPSY7513: Professional Foundations in Psychology III

Class Program
Credits 1

Building on PPSY6512, this course continues to establish a psychological integrative perspective throughout the students’ courses. Students will be challenged to apply what they have learned through the lens of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual-diversity model in an interactive way, establish and grow healthy models of self-care, study, and peer cohesiveness, and to increase communication and interpersonal skills, and professionalism as they incorporate concepts from their classes into a practical model. Second entry students will take this course in order to be introduced into the PsyD program, build community with the existing PsyD cohort, and to learn the aspects of the PsyD model inherent with an entry-level PsyD student. This course will also serve as the assessment point for competency skills required for entry into the PsyD Program.

Grade of pass/fail.