Refund Distribution

Federal student financial aid is awarded under the assumption that the student will be enrolled for a specified period of time, such as a semester. Therefore, any time a student withdraws from any course at NNU and does not certify his or her intent to return in another session, in writing, before the end of the semester, NNU must evaluate the student's federal aid and determine if an adjustment is required.

Students may be required to repay the federal government a percentage of their aid. This could leave the student with a balance due to NNU.

When a refund to federal programs is required, the refund distribution will be as follows:

  1. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan
  2. Subsidized Federal Direct Loan
  3. Other Title IV aid programs
  4. Other Federal Sources of Aid
  5. Other State, Private or Institutional Aid
  6. Other Third Party
  7. The student

Refunds to NNU's institutional aid programs are based on the tuition and fees withdrawal rate; e.g., if one-half tuition and fees are refunded, one-half of any institutional aid will be refunded to institutional programs.