Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Individuals interested in applying for admission to one of NNU’s Professional Studies undergraduate programs should complete the application for admission and provide all supporting documents necessary for the admissions office to make an admissions decision. Acceptance will be determined by, among other things, high school and/or college grade point average.

All applicants are required to submit the following items for review:

  1. Online application, found on the NNU Admissions Website
  2. Arrange for an official high school transcript to be sent to NNU Admissions from students transferring less than 28 college credits. If you have completed the GED in lieu of high school, submit the test results.
  3. Two recommendation forms from persons not related to the applicant (i.e., a colleague, supervisor, pastor, etc.).  The Christian Ministry Online programs require one of those recommendations to be from a supervising pastor.
  4. ALL official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended (regardless of accreditation).

The Graduate and Professional Studies Admissions office reviews all applications to ensure these criteria are met and admission is in the best interest of the student and Northwest Nazarene University.

Candidates without any prior college or university credits are considered first-time freshmen and will be considered for standard admission with a high school grade point average of no less than 2.5. Those candidates who have taken college classes for credit after high school will be considered for standard admission as a transfer student and must have a cumulative grade point average of no less than a 2.0.  While a student may be accepted to NNU with a 2.0 cumulative college grade point average, to be accepted to the Education and Nursing programs students will have to show previous college work at a significantly higher grade point average.

Persons who do not meet the requirements for standard admission will be considered for provisional admission. Provisional admission is normally granted for one semester and will be reviewed at the end of the student's first semester of enrollment. Students admitted on Provisional Status will be placed in a support plan that is designed to help the student strengthen skills needed for success in college academics. Courses taken to build these success skills may include but are not limited to:

  • HUMN1025 Cornerstone
  • ENGL0900 Improvement of Language Usage (unless the ACT English score was 20 or above)
  • MATH0900 Essential Mathematics (unless the ACT math score was 21 or above)

A 2.0 (C) average must be earned in order to continue in good academic standing.  If a student fails to meet these standards, academic probation or dismissal is considered.