Youth, Children, and Family Ministry


YCFM6130: Foundations of Youth, Children and Family Ministry

Credits 4
This course focuses on developing one's personal vision and practice of youth, children and family ministry and gives attention to the foundational and diverse elements of this ministry. It will explore the biblical and theological foundations of ministry with young people and families. Special attention will be given to those in early to late adolescence (11-29 years of age). Attention will be given to the church's responsibility to young people in and beyond congregations. This course emphasizes incarnational and missional approaches to the gospel, as well as young people's own agency as participants in the total mission of the church.

YCFM6530: Leadership in Ministry

Credits 4
This course covers recent literature written about both secular and ecclesiastic leadership. Students will be shepherded through a process of honing their own philosophy of leadership in the Church. Attention will be given to case studies and the formation of a practical theology of leadership.

YCFM6599: Independent Study

Credits 3 4
Study of an assigned topic or guided research as directed by a graduate faculty member. Approval of department director required.

YCFM6730: Missional Ministry

Credits 4

This course explores the biblical mandate to follow the call to "go to all nations," especially as it relates to young people and families. Students will learn how to articulate and pass on to others the biblical and theological view of evangelism and outreach. Through readings, lectures, projects, and discussions, students will learn how to design an incarnational as well as relational ministry program that addresses Christian care and evangelism with unbelieving young people and families.