BIOL1015: Introduction to Biology

Credits 3
A survey of key biological principles including subject areas of cell structure, physiology, zoology, botany, ecology, genetics and evolution. Course goals include helping students develop an understanding of the nature and processes of science, and exploring how key biological concepts apply to citizens. It is designed for the general student and will not meet major requirements for degrees in Biology.

BIOL1040: Environmental Science

Credits 3

A study of the issues pertaining to environmental sustainability including topics such as population growth, energy, pollution, and conserving biodiversity. A central theme is Christian stewardship.

BIOL1060: Human Biology

Credits 3
Selected topics related to the human body with particular emphasis on the integration of form and function as well as genetics and ethics. This course does not apply toward major requirements in biology.

BIOL1060L: Human Biology Laboratory

Credits 1
A laboratory study using selected topics relating to the human body, which is intended to be taught in connection with BIOL1060. This course does not apply toward major requirements in biology.

BIOL3640: Teaching Science in Secondary Schools

Credits 2

Strategies appropriate to this subject field, instructional materials and tools, curricular structure common to this subject in the secondary school. Includes opportunities for students to assist in teaching a secondary classroom. (See EDUC7664) Field Experience: 20 to 40 hours depending on endorsement areas