SOWK6595: Social Work and the Law

Class Program
Credits 2
Social workers in Idaho often work with or in collaboration with legal processes, and their practice often intersects with legal mandates and concerns. Social workers must be aware of the many laws, policies, regulations, and ethical considerations that affect their practice and the lives of their clients. This course will familiarize students with the many laws and legal processes applicable to social work practice in the state of Idaho. Students will learn about basic legal principles and about American and Idaho systems of jurisprudence. They will come to understand the legal underpinnings of privileges and confidentiality, and of social work licensing and malpractice in the state. Students will explore ethical considerations that will underpin their practice. Students will learn practical information about working in court and with attorneys. Finally, students will learn about certain specific areas of Idaho law with which social workers deal directly, including child welfare laws, laws that are key in medical social work, and the criminal justice system.