SOWK7620: HBSE: Diversity

Class Program
Credits 3
This is one of three required HBSE courses and is usually taken during the specialized portion of the MSW program. The purpose of this course is to expose students to various aspects of diversity and the ways that intersectionality of identity influences the human experience. It is designed to provide students with a positive environment in which to explore their attitudes, beliefs, and values with regard to human diversity and to enhance their ability to practice social work from the perspective of cultural humility. The sociohistorical, familial, economic, and political roots of racism and privilege are discussed, along with an analysis of current racism. This course will also include content related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and the role of media in how society understands experiences of people with diverse identities. The purpose of this course is to go beyond a basic understanding of particular groups of people to focus on the role that discrimination, oppression, and privilege play in how society responds to issues of diversity.